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At Biskamp Electric Inc., safeguarding the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors, and related personnel is of the upmost importance. "Safety First" is a core value of who we are and we are dedicated to protecting the safety and health of all those associated with our company.

Our mission is to "Make Our Clients Successful". A safe and healthy work environment impacts every measure of a firm's success, from quality of work life to productivity and profitability --- our clients' and our own. With many of our staff working full time in client facilities, our safety leadership not only affects the safety and health of our employees, but that of many others influenced by their activities.

We understand that each of us plays a vital role in the completion of work in a safe manner. Employee recommendations to improve safety and health conditions are encouraged, and all will be given thorough consideration by our management team. The goal of our ongoing safety and health program is "Zero Incidents" on all job sites.

Our goal will be achieved by:


1) Commitment to a belief that accidents are preventable.

2) Top management's commitment to providing a safe and healthy work   environment for all employees by holding management personnel accountable for all aspects of employee safety and health.

3) Employee involvement to improve the quality of workplace safety and health. This includes brainstorming, inspecting, detecting, and correcting, from project startup to project completion.

4) Commiting auditing resources to detect hazards and ensure hazard correction.

5) Ensuring that all employees and subcontractors have the knowledge and training to accomplish the task ahead.

6) Providing all empolyees and all job sites with appropriate, equipment to get the job done.

7) Recognition that safety does not start at the job site, but with executive  management.

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